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Crack Repair

We repair cracks to all types of concrete. We specialize in aggregate but also do brushed and stamped in all types of placement – driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, foundation walls, curbing and warehouse floors.



Cleaning & Sealing

We clean, seal, tint, recolor and provide non-slip treatment for all types of concrete.


Raising Sunken Concrete

We raise sunken concrete (known as Slab Jacking) back to its original poured position and repair any cracks to reduce the risks of a tripping hazard or to prevent further undermining of your concrete due to gravity, water erosion and ants. This can be done inside and outside whether it be a driveway, walkway, basement or warehouse floor, we do it all.


Warehouse Floors

We repair cracks, holes and control joints in warehouse floors to create a smooth operating surface for pallet jacks and forklifts. This prevents further deterioration of those areas and reduces the risk of tripping hazards. Our repair material can even be used in refrigeration and freezer areas. We have a quick repair turnaround times with minor disruption to business.



Garage Floor Upgrades

Take care of that unsightly garage floor and turn it in to a potential man cave with crack repairs and specialty paints and coatings.



Foundation walls and underground parkades, either for structural, cosmetic or water ingress.


Perimeter Drain Cleaning

This area tends to be forgotten by most homeowners until they have a problem with water in their crawlspace or basement. Neglected perimeter drains will cause the water table to rise and find ways in to your crawlspace or basement. Cleaning out these drains periodically will allow the system to work the way it was designed to drain the water away from your foundation. How often this should be done depends on the type of soil in your area and the slope of land around your home.


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